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Halo Infinite battle royale rumours are false

Published: 13:59, 01 December 2020
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Halo Infinite

Earlier this month, rumours about Halo Infinite surfaced online, suggesting that the game could get a battle royale mode shortly after the release in 2021. However, these are completely made up by a random Reddit user.

When covering leaks and rumours, we usually suggest that you take them with a dose of scepticism, especially if the rumour comes from anonymous sources. There are plenty of reliable insiders in the gaming industry and these people are usually spot on with their info but from time to time, we get some 4chan or Reddit "leak" which is completely fabricated 99 per cent of the time. 

The latest leak regarding Halo Infinite sounded fishy from the get-go but it was discussed all over the gaming forums and social media despite that. The leaker suggested that the game would get two to three spin-off titles and a battle royale mode among other things.

Today, the person who made up the rumour admitted that everything they wrote in the post is completely fake. "We're back to just getting information about the game from cookie promotions and toy leaks; rather than even simple videos of the devs talking face to face with us while showing in-game renders of things they are working on," the fake leaker complains in the latest post. 

Microsoft Screenshot from Halo Infinite, showing Master Chief's mask Halo Infinite, Do we really need to explain who?

Apparently, the sole reason for making up such a rumour lies in his disappointment with 343 Industries, who do not talk enough about Halo Infinite development. Yes, believe it or not, someone got mad at 343 Industries and decided to spread fake rumours about the game.

All in all, this is just another reminder that most of these posts on 4chan and Reddit should be taken with a huge grain of salt. It's for the best to stick to reliable sources and of course, official Xbox and 343 Industries channels for news and announcements. 

Halo Infinite, upcoming sequel by 343 Industries and Microsoft

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