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Halo Infinite battle pass is getting major improvements

Published: 03:48, 18 November 2021
Updated: 08:01, 18 November 2021
343 Industries
Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite

Microsoft and 343 Industries announced major changes to the Halo Infinite battle pass that will undoubtedly improve everyone's experience with it.

Halo Infinite received a lot of praise so far but the majority of negative sentiments were centred on the battle pass progression. The challenges can get locked out due to time gating, preventing any sort of progression and they are not exactly too fun either at times. All of this contributed to the progression feeling like it's done at a snail's pace but the devs are looking into ways of making it better.

When the patch hits later in the week, it will introduce a new challenge that will be completed by simply completing one game. The introduction of this one is directly in response to players not liking the challenges dictating how they have to play so when they are tasked to simply complete a match, they can do it any way they see fit.

Some of the less popular weekly challenges will be removed entirely, in order to help players move through weeklies faster and thus move the battle epass progression up in a quicker manner. This will result in the reset of weekly challenges as well as their progression, however, but the players will be compensated by the automatic addition of the Sigil Mark VII Visor for anyone logging in between November 23 and 30.

XP boosts will now last one hour instead of just 30 minutes, allowing the players to get more out of the consumable. 

These changes will probably not fix all the problems with the system but they are bound to make it much easier to digest.

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