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Hades coming to Steam in December but fans don't seem to be happy

Published: 18:35, 23 August 2019
Supergiant Games

Even though Supergiant Games' rogue-like dungeon crawler Hades was one of the few games that perfectly handled its switch to Epic Games Store exclusivity, its 'return' to Steam promises to compensate all the seemingly mandatory drama.

Back in December 2018, Supergiant announced that Hades will be launching in Early Access on the Epic Games Store, which was at the same time the game's announcement. So, there were no broken promises nor failed expectations, which will soon be important for the story.

The studio made it crystal clear that they're planning to bring it to other platforms once the timed exclusivity ends, which we now know is 10 December 2019, when it's expected to hit Steam as well.  

Unfortunately, a number of disgruntled and pretty vocal fans don't seem to care that the Steam launch was the plan all along, and they voiced their opinion on the game's Steam page.

As you can see, the threads go from Hades fans calling against boycotts and review bombing at one end of the spectrum, to straight-up hostility on the other.

Some posts go as far as likening the studio to a dog that came "crawling back to its master to get fed", suggesting that the Epic exclusivity money must've run out and advising Supergiant to "go back to Epic where [they] belong".

Even though proven to be false on numerous occasions, the discourse is once again being justified by the imaginary spyware on Epic's launcher, Tencent's supposedly vile data-sharing intentions, developers' greed and hard-line approach that game developers' decisions not to someone's liking should be punished with bankruptcy.  

While we certainly understand the desire to have all your games in one place, as it stems from a simple and understandable place of convenience - it's extremely difficult to validate ethical stances of persons who openly care more about their right to choose than a developer's actual livelihood.

Valve Hades' Steam discussions screenshot Hades, Steam Discussions

Regardless of what your stance may be in the recent Epic vs. Steam verbal and gaming battlegrounds, the discourse that puts absolutely 0 per cent value on an actual job of game development, is not something that bodes well for the future of this industry - quite the contrary.

Certain section of Steam proponents acts as if consumer rights stipulate authoritative, dictatorial adherence to their desires, while simultaneously not giving an iota of care for the industry that makes the games, and it's actually quite amazing how they still somehow view themselves as a pro-consumer movement.

If you're interested to chip in with your 2 cents, head on over to Hades' .

Hades, Supergiant Games' rogue-like dungeon crawler

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