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GWENT - Merchants of Ofir brings a new type of card to PC and iOS

Published: 17:40, 09 December 2019
Updated: 17:47, 09 December 2019
CD Projekt Red
GWENT - Merchants of Ofir expansion logo
GWENT - Merchants of Ofir

CD Projekt Red have released a new expansion for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game. Merchants of Ofir brings with it more than 70 new cards - some Normal, some faction-specific. The expansion also brought a new type of card - the Stratagems. These will grant some unique bonuses to the players.

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game just got its fourth expansion. Merchants of Ofir is now available for download on PC and iOS.

CD Projekt Red's latest expansion to the series brings with it more than 70 cards themed around Ofir - a mysterious land from The Witcher series. Players had the chance to interact with some of the Ofiri in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Hearts of Stone expansion, including the infamous money sink named Runewright. 

The new cards include both Normal ones (that players can use across all GWENT armies), faction-specific ones as well as Stratagems.

The new Strategems card type will determine a nifty unique bonus a player will gain when going first in a match. There are 12 new cards total to choose from. But wait, there is more. GWENT's latest expansion introduced Scenarios as well. These belong to the Artifact subtype of cards and evolve based on your in-game actions.

CD Projekt Red is celebrating their fourth expansion to The Witcher Card Game by giving everyone a free keg that will grant 5 Merchants of Ofir cards to all players who log in to GWENT before 16 December, 10:59 am GMT or 11:59 am CET, so you have plenty of time.

Other limited-time offers feature expansion-specific kegs, cards, and ornaments and are currently available at the in-game store as well.

Merchants of Ofir expansion is already available as a free title update for those who play the game on PC and iOS. The content will be included in the GWENT: The Witcher Card Game's Android version when the title arrives to the Google Play Store in Q1 2020.

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