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Gunsmith - the industrial management sim - aims for a Q2 2021 release

Published: 14:00, 04 December 2020
Seacorp Technologies
Gunsmith - Construction Update
Gunsmith - Construction Update

Gunsmith, the industrial management sim by Seacorp technologies first appeared on Steam's Early Access in May 2018. The game is soon getting a big update. Players can now also purchase the sim at 50 per cent off.

Seacorp Technologies' industrial management sim "Gunsmith" will roll out of Steam's Early Access for a full release on PC in Q2 2021. The game had its debut on the platform back in May 2018.

Those who already downloaded and played the game will receive a brand new, sizeable update that opens up the possibilities of how players both build and customise their factories. Also, Gunsmith will have 50 per cent filed off its Steam price for 48 hours on Friday, December 4.

The 48 hour-long sale will offer a  good start-off point for those interested in the game and its brand of management charging players with building up their own weapons manufacturing company. 

The brand new update - also launching today - Friday, December 4, will allow players to create their factory piece by piece, building walls, windows, doorways, laying custom flooring, and designing the production line to their own ideals. Serving as a major jump from the current, one-size-fits-all factory approach, players will now have more than 100 assets to play around with.

"It’s exciting to see our player base grow over the last year and a half, and we think this new update - along with the 48 hour sale - will be even more enjoyable for current players and new players alike," says founder Richard Seabrook. "While we know management fans love taking charge of the game’s production lines, Gunsmith doesn’t shirk away from laying the responsibility of just where their weapons end up." 

The game will tell you just how many fatalities came as a direct result of your products as well as keep a close track of with who you engage in business transactions via the notoriety system  - make your money from selling to malevolent forces, and you can expect your reputation to fall just as quickly as your profits rise.

Gunsmith is available in Early Access on Steam now, with a full release coming in Q2 2021.

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