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Red Dead Online gets a new Gun Rush battle royale mode

Published: 20:55, 10 January 2019
picture showing cowboys with guns
Gun Rush

Rockstar have released a new update for Red Dead Online Beta which introduces a new battle royale mode dubbed Gun Rush. It supports up to 32 players and unlike Make it Count it has guns. It's playable in free for all and team modes.

Rockstar's multiplayer version of Red Dead Redemption 2 has received a new battle royale mode called Gun Rush with its latest update. Rockstar announced the addition with a couple of other mentions in the latest blog post. 

Previous battle royale mode Make it Count only allowed knives and bows, but Gun Rush will give players more weapons and ammunition. It supports up to 32 players and is available in free for all and team variations so you can fight on your own or with squad mates.

Rockstar also confirmed that more updates will be coming soon and these include new Races, Showdown Modes, clothing and emotes, as well as some additions based on player feedback which was gathered since the Red Dead Online Beta launched.

These player-requests include Daily Challenges which will cover most aspects of the game like evading the law and sharpshooting. In the planned Law and Bounty upgrades, players will get a bounty on their head for committing crimes and will be incentivized to pay them off within an allotted time. If players refuse to pay their bounty in short notice, bounty hunters will track them, forcing them to pay up or run for their life.

Player location blip changes are also planned. The range at which players are visible to others will be reduced which will decrease the likelihood of being targeted across large areas. Rockstar are also looking to introduce the ability to identify players who grief and kill indiscriminately with a darker blip that becomes larger and more visible at a longer range.

Rockstar picture showing characters in RDR2 Red Dead Redemption 2

Along with work on these updates, Rockstar plan to release a bunch of other content in 2019. New missions to build on Story in A Land Of Opportunities with old and new characters, new dynamic events in the world as well as competitive modes, weapons, clothing and other content they are not ready to reveal just yet.

You can check Rockstar's Red Dead Online Beta update post on their .

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