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Guild Wars gets a balance update now

Published: 07:03, 01 May 2020
Picture of a female warrior in Guild Wars in a fairy tale-like forest
Guild Wars

ArenaNet released a new update for the 15th anniversary of Guild Wars and everyone thought this would be a one and done but the devs followed up with a balance pass for the new content.

Guild Wars' balance update appeared on 30 April 2020, mostly to address the new skills added by the anniversary patch. There are some fixes as well and the odd Anniversary weapons should now be more useful.

Skill changes

  • Judgement Strike - The monk elite should now be more useful after the cooldown was almost halved, now being eight seconds. The damage was increased as well.
  • Over the Limit was also deemed to be one of the less useful new abilities but now could find some use as a new it also reduces cooldowns of spells on top of the casting time reduction.
  • Heroic Refrain was a bit too powerful and now the attribute bonus has been reduced to 1..3. On the other hand, the cooldown was also slashed by 33 per cent.
  • Soul Taker will now sacrifice health for each target of multihit attacks but will not trigger on those that fail. Those Dark Aura builds should have more AoE than ever now.
  • Together as One no longer affects non-party allies so spirits will no longer get overpowered with it. The skill still works on pets.

Guild Wars screenshots from various campaigns with new graphics

  • Image: 1 / 8
A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Guild Wars - Statue1
Screenshots from ArenaNet's Guild Wars video game, after it got updated graphics. It looked great before as well, but details for longer distances are a welcome addition. Most of the screenshots are before and after comparisons in-game.

Item changes

Anniversary martial weapons have attributes that don't fit their respective mastery. As such, they were less useful as they still needed investment of skill points into those martial slots in order to scale properly. They will now scale properly with the assigned attribute so be on the lookout for those reaper necros.

Anniversary Shield "Curtain" is now moddable with shield handles but it has a penalty to the armour bonus inside PvP.

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