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Guild Wars 2 is getting new Skimmer mastery

Published: 09:27, 08 August 2020
Guild Wars 2 - Skimmer
Guild Wars 2 - Skimmer

ArenaNet announced that Skimmers will get additional utility soon as they released a trailer that shows the mount going underwater.

Skimmers are probably one of the more underused mounts in Guild Wars 2 along with the Jackal. They require a water surface to excel and since we are not usually moving around watery parts of the map, especially in the latest living story maps, Skimmer is usually shadowed by the likes of Raptors, Rollerbeetles, Griffons and Skyscales.

Come August 25, however, these manta ray-like creatures will definitely see more use when they gain the ability to dive underwater. ArenaNet announced that the Skimmer will finally be able to become our underwater mount which is something that many players desired in the past years.

Map completion should be quicker than ever as we no longer need to swim on our own to those underwater vistas, POIs and waypoints. The mastery will be unlocked by completing the Skimming the Depths collection. 

After that, we will likely need to grind experience in Path of Fire maps since the expansion is where the Skimmer mount came along. On the other hand, there is nothing stopping Anet from making it tied to living story experience for easier farming since Drizzlewood Coast is all the rage these days.

Now it only remains to be seen if those with the Hummingbird skin for the Skimmer will get aquabreathers when they go underwater. Maybe the bird will just magically grow gills now, who knows.

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