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GTA V reaches 140 million units sold

Published: 02:32, 09 February 2021
Rockstar Games
GTA V - Lamar & Franklin
GTA V - Lamar & Franklin

Rockstar's golden goose, Grand Theft Auto V, keeps breaking records and while it didn't manage to outperform the launch numbers, the game is still selling like hotcakes.

Take-Two Interactive recently held a conference call where a few quite interesting details popped up. The highlight among them is undoubtedly the enormous number of copies shipped when it comes to GTA V, which has now surpassed 140 million. 

This number is interesting in more than one way, the first one obviously being that the game just won't stop selling and is leaving the competition in the dust. However, the word was that Rockstar shipped 140 million copies in total, meaning that it's possible this number includes freebies on Epic Games Store that were a thing during summer 2020.

Still, the number of shipped copies is nothing to scoff at and it's definitely going to cause some concerns among the fans, primarily because the game still remains extremely profitable for Rockstar. If it's still making a killing, would there really be viable reason for them to make a new GTA that could potentially sunset GTA V?

That question remains to be answered and the recent string of alleged leaks has the fan base excited to see what else Rockstar might have in store for them.

Back to the almost record numbers of GTA V, 2020 was its biggest year since 2013 as it shipped over 20 million copies, narrowly beating the previous year. 

Compared to Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA V is looking like a massive giant since it sold-in about 34 million copies in the first year of existence while the Western is sitting at 36 million, more than two years after launch.

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