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Alleged GTA VI leaker reveals new details about story, main protagonist, NPCs and gameplay

Published: 17:23, 04 February 2021
Grand Theft Auto VI title mockup
Grand Theft Auto VI mockup

This alleged leaker states that GTA VI is targeting October 2023 release date and will feature one main protagonist codenamed Ricardo. Additionally, the game's main story will be around 60 hours long and the map covers Miami/Florida.

4chan leaks are fake most of the time and you should never take them seriously but a small percentage of posts that appear on this controversial message board can contain some pretty legit information. However, this a rare occurrence and every rumour or leak that surfaces on 4chan should be taken with a huge grain of salt.

Today, we have another alleged leak, which reveals info about Grand Theft Auto VI. If you follow rumours about Rockstar's upcoming mammoth you probably know that we already had a fair share of leaks, which revealed the setting and some story bits. 

This latest leak is a pretty big one and it features plenty off info that was already revealed in previous leaks but there's also some new, interesting stuff that you may wanna check out. Once again, this is a 4chan rumour, so please, don't take it as gospel.

YouTube GTA: Vice City screenshot showing a man on a motorbike GTA: Vice City with mods

  • Chapter system similar RDR2 and the first 2 chapters set in the late 1970s
  • October 2023 Targeted release date
  • One male protagonist (codenamed Ricardo which was leaked previously). The name of the protagonist is a spoiler in itself which can potentially spoil the narrative and the leaker also said beware of future leakers who might spoil the name of the protagonist
  • The map covers Miami/Florida and a smaller map that appears in limited interaction (similar to Guarma in RDR2)
  • The main story set to be about 60 hours long
  • GTAO counterpart to release a few months after the single-player counterpart release. (Something similar to what they did with RDR2 and Red Dead Online)
  • The mission structure supposed to be quite free
  • The Map is smaller than RDR2 but way dense
  • Minigames include Surfing, Windsurfing and Roller Derby
  • The leaker says, "You meet Ken Rosenberg and he mentions Tommy Vercetti several times although you never actually meet Tommy."
  • The example of the improved AI design according to the leaker was "You may see NPCs beeping their horn and driving aggressively around other drivers because they're late for work."
  • Direct contact with explosions can blow off limbs, you can leave deep cuts on people with a machete and close combat shooting can result in bone fragmentation
  • Nudity level similar to Cyberpunk
  • Consoles being prioritized so the PC version releasing later on after optimization
  • Body form alteration can happen like in San Andreas but not as dramatic. People will comment on your apparel choices
  • The female protagonist was contemplated around 2017 but was not finalized because it doesn't fit with GTA's narrative
  • The age of the protagonist is supposed to be 34 by the end of the game
  • The main character is a white male, roughly 6'1" and has a "sun-kissed" Tan. Italian raised in America and has jet black hair.
  • Storms and weather effects are "genuinely insane".
  • Car customization improved upon from GTAV. Cars change with time, so does clothes and hairstyles. The older cars become less common with time and if someone sees you drive an old car, they might call it a piece of crap.
  • The leaker mentions that "The Mexican" from the previous leak is a very wealthy man who peddles Colombian marching powder.
  • The mafia is in the game but the leaker refused to share more details.
  • Liberty City has limited missions in the game. Mafia family's influence is heavy there.
  • Pop and Rock have a huge part of the soundtrack. Pet Shop Boys have a few tracks in the game.
  • Dan Houser wrote a rough idea for the game but hasn't written a lot. 
  • The game is "very politically incorrect." according to the leaker.
  • The announcement can happen as early as spring 2022.

GTA Online by Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive

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GTA Online - Valentine's Day 2018

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