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GTA Online weekly discounts arrive early with Heist event finale

Published: 03:43, 23 November 2022
Rockstar Games
GTA Online - The Heists Challenge
GTA Online - The Heists Challenge

Rockstar Games pulled an developmental oxymoron with the latest event in GTA Online but at least there is a bunch of discounts around.

GTA Online 's previous Heist event had a community goal of farming up $100,000,000,000 through heists but the players crushed it by getting north of $1 trillion. 

Now Rockstar wants people to farm up $2 trillion with the latest event, mere weeks after they nerfed the most profitable heist in the game, Cayo Perico. 

It is weird to see such disjointed decision making but the community will need to reach the goal if they want to earn the "special reward". The devs didn't reveal what it is yet but it's not necessarily a head-turner as the last reward was a go-kart.

Sentinel Widebody is now available at Benny's, at the price of $700,000.

Discounts for the week are two-fold and include:

  • Black Friday discounts
    • 50 per cent off
      • Scramjet
      • Avenger
      • Toreador
      • Oppressor Mk1
      • Oppressor Mk2
      • Penthouse decorations
      • Alkonost
      • Chernobog
      • Super Yacht and its renovations
      • Deluxo
      • Ruiner 2000
    • 40 per cent off
      • Swift
      • Swift Deluxe
      • Torero XO
      • SM722
      • LM87

Rockstar Games GTA Online - Sentinel Classic Widebody GTA Online - Sentinel Classic Widebody

  • Regular discounts:
    • 50 per cent off
      • Bunkers and renovations
    • 40 per cent off
      • Auto shop and renovations
      • Kanjo SJ
      • Greenwood
      • e-GT
      • Compact EMP Launcher
      • Heavy Rifle
      • Stun Gun

Podium vehicle is T20, the prize ride is Neo. You will need to win a pursuit race five days in a row to get it.


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