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GTA Online: Payphone hits Dr Dre contract are paying out more this week

Published: 03:14, 03 March 2023
Rockstar Games
GTA Online - Payphone hits bonus
GTA Online - Payphone hits bonus

Earning big bucks is seldom more fun than it will be this week in GTA Online.

Rockstar Games kicked off another week of discounts and bonuses in GTA Online and while they didn't release any of the dripfeed content this time around, they did make players happy in a different way.

Payphone hits are dishing out 50 per cent more RP and GTA$ but that pesky cooldown is still there to impede your farming. Thankfully, there is a fantastic replacement for the downtime.

Dr Dre contract is paying out double this week, meaning you get $2 million for completing it.

In other words, it is best to complete a payphone hit, do a part of the Dre contract, back to the payphone and so on.

You should be raking in massive amounts of money without feeling like you are farming one single boring activity, which is usually the case, especially if you are dealing with businesses.

Rockstar Games GTA Online - Toundra Panthere You might want to get that fancy Toundra Panthere with the newfound wealth

Alternatively, you can jump into security contracts in between payphone hits as they are also paying out double.

If you don't have an agency to farm all this up, now is a great time to get it since the business is 40 per cent off this week.

On top of that, there are the following discounts if you feel like burning through some cash:

  • 40 per cent off
    • Ellie
    • Futo GTX
    • Jester Classic
    • Viseris
  • 30 per cent off
    • Locust
    • Patriot Mil-Spec


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