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GTA Online throwing Independence Day discount madness

Published: 21:05, 03 July 2018
Updated: 00:30, 04 July 2018
Rockstar Games
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Rockstar's GTA Online is getting its own Independence Day festivities, with discounts, double payouts, guest list rewards and plenty more in store. In case you didn't know, you may have unknowingly signed up for the GTA Online Guest List.

Nothing sinister here though, because if you signed in between 25 June and 02 July 2018, consider yourself a proud member of the GTA Online Guest List, with some ridiculously sounding rewards heading your way.

If you happen to return to the game by July 9, you will become a proud owner of an Orange Wireframe Bodysuit and a hefty sum of GTA$300K. Logging in again between 10-16 July 2018 will get you it's pin variant, the Pink Wireframe Bodysuit and another 100 large in GTA bucks. 

'Murica themed Independence Day memorabilia is 40 per cent off until 09 July 2018, including stars 'n stripes facepaint, horns, muskets, patriot tire and the rest. The dev conveniently suggests celebrating your freedom the American way, "by blowing stuff up and drinking your weight in Patriot Beer."

Rockstar doubled up on payouts on Smuggler's Run, Special Cargo and Bikers Sell missions as well, advising players that flexibility of their moral compass is a welcome trait this time of year.

Prices of GTA Online hangars, exec offices, special cargo warehouses and biker clubhouses & business are all halved. A bunch of vehicles got 30 per cent sliced off the price too, namely Mammoth Avenger & Renovations, Mobile Operations Center & Renovations, Vapid GB200, Grotti X80 Proto and Imponte Ruiner 2000.

Rockstar seemed to have stepped up their GTA Online game recently, with the last event being the on 20 June 2018. It may just indicate that worries of some analysts are coming true, with many of them predicting GTA Online's time to be coming to an end.

After all, it launched back in 2013, making it ancient in gaming terms. Naturally, many would prefer the term longevity and it's probably more fitting, especially considering what sort of phenomena that top-down scrolling goof-fest has grown up to be. Here's to another five.

Rockstar Games Poster for Weeny Issi Classic Races event in GTA Online GTA Online

You can find the official GTA Online Independence Day announement on .

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