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Rockstar Games roll out After Hours update for GTA Online

Published: 13:21, 08 August 2018
Picture of DJ Dixon in GTA V's online component
GTA Online

Rockstar Games have released more After Hours content for GTA Online. Players will cross paths with Gay Tony once again, and will need to recruit more real life DJs for their newly opened night club. Oh and they added a military plane.

DJ Solomun and Tale of Us have had their runs in GTA Online already and now it's DJ Dixon's turn to spin the vinyl. He will be present in the game until 14 August 2018 when The Black Madonna will take over. You can see all of the DJs, past and present, in the trailer above. Players will be able to hire DJ Dixon in Nightclub Management on their computers.

Players who are guestlist members can log into GTA Online during the week to receive $100.000 and the exclusive Technologie T-Shirt. In addition to the shirt and bucks, players will also get Sessanta Nove Multi-Colour as well as pink and green liveries for Nightshark and Revolter. Those who are not guestlist members can still log in this week to grab a Palace T-Shirt.

Those who are looking for the actual destructive fun times will be more interested in military aeroplanes than t-shirts and DJs. The B-11 Strikeforce came with the latest update, offering players another alternative to the more expensive P-996 Lazer. 

B-11 Strikeforce's price will be more along the lines of a Hydra, standing at $3,8 million, which is still a hefty sum for a vehicle. Unlike Hydra and P-996 Lazer though, B-11 will not rely on a missile launchers so much, but rather an auto cannon resembling a Gatling gun.

Meanwhile, Rockstar Games have started a 25 per cent discount for a plethora of items, including the Nagasaki Havok, Nagasaki Buzzard and Sea Sparrow vehicles.

Rockstar Picture of a B-11 Strikeforce plane in GTA Online GTA Online - B-11 Strikeforce

Real estate is on sale as well. Players will be able to snatch hangars, workshops, executive offices, garages, biker clubhouses, bunkers and more at a discount. This may look like a push to grab some more attention for GTA Online before Red Dead Redemption 2 kicks in, but it's hard to believe the game will lose that much popularity since the Wild West fans' wet dream will apparently be console exclusive on launch.

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