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GTA Online getting San Andreas Prix Week with nine Open Wheels Races

Published: 14:39, 27 August 2020
Take-Two Interactive
GTA Online, Ocelot R88
GTA Online, Ocelot R88

GTA Online players better be ready to burn some Formula One-grade rubber as this week is all about breakneck speeds and tight turns as part of San Andreas Prix Week.

"Speed is a vice like any other: it’s expensive, exclusive and some people die in pursuit of it; especially when we’re talking about the kind of eye-watering speed that turns a car into a screaming blur on a racetrack", Rockstar wrote. 

And you'd be hard-pressed to disagree as GTA Online players get to compete on nine Open Wheel Races tailor-made by Rockstar specifically for high-octane racing. Those who jump behind the wheel will be getting Triple GTA$ and RP all week long, as part of the Los Santos Summer Special. 

If you're not that keen on racing, worry not as GTA Online will be giving out Double Rewards for both VIP and MC Work & Challenges.

Moreover, whatever you prioritise this week will reward you the next week. VIP aficionados will find that Double Rewards extend to Special Cargo Sell Missions next week, while MC ones get Biker Business Sell Missions with 2x GTA$ and RP from September 3 to September 9, 2020. 

Completing any of the two gets you a Green Dot Tech Mask the next week, while simply logging on in the next week gets you the Vapers Den t-shirt. If, however, you're the type that fancies your luck at the wheel, here's your potential reward:

Take-Two Interactive GTA Online vehicle Progen PR4 GTA Online, Progen PR4

GTA Online's MC Clubhouses, Biker Businesses and Executive Offices get 40 per cent off, while Executive Office Customisations are 30 per cent off. 

As for vehicles, Ocelot R88 is 35 per cent off, while Declasse Hotring Sabre, Declasse Drift Tampa and Declasse Drift Yosemite are 40 per cent off. 

You can find the full announcement, along with the aforementioned race tracks here .

GTA Online by Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive

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