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GTA Online bonuses and discounts this week (June 2, 2022)

Published: 08:26, 03 June 2022
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GTA Online
GTA Online

GTAO bonuses and discounts this week are all about yachts, which are only useful when there is a week themed after them.

GTA Online podium vehicle, prize and test rides

Infernus Classic is the vehicle you get to take home if you get lucky at the Diamond Casino's wheel this week while GB200 is the prize ride. In order to obtain that one, you will need to place top three in Street Races, three days in a row.

As for the test rides, you get to check out some high-end cars, such as Tezeract, Cyclone and Osiris.

RP & GTAO$ bonuses

  • 2X rewards
    • Double Down mode
    • Madrazo Contact missions
  • 3X rewards
    • Drop Zone
  • 4X rewards
    • Yacht missions

Additionally, Bunker sell missions will pay out 50 per cent more for the duration of the week so if you're looking to grind some money in a profitable way that doesn't involve El Rubio, this is it.

GTAO discounts this week

  • 100 per cent off (free)
    • Raton Canyon bunker
    • Bunker styles
    • Phantom Custom (MOC)
  • 50 per cent off
    • Bunker supplies
    • Glendale Custom
    • Streiter
    • Toro
  • 40 per cent off
    • GTO
    • Gasser
    • Stinger GT
    • Tezeract
  • 30 per cent off
    • Cyclone
    • Lectro
    • Osiris
    • Visione

This also means it's a good week for new players or those who don't have a bunker yet, especially because you can get supplies at half price and sell the stuff for 50 per cent more.

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GTA Online - Calico GTF

Keep in mind that just logging in will award you $100,000 and if you're a Prime Gaming subscriber, it's $200,000.

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