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GTA 5 can be played offline again but it's still online DRM

Published: 10:09, 20 September 2019

Rockstar Games seem to have fixed the bug that caused GTA 5 to require an internet connection even in singleplayer. There are, however, some caveats that still spell out online DRM.

Grand Theft Auto 5's longevity due to the multiplayer component, there is not doubt about that but it was the fantastic singleplayer mode that made the game a hit in the first place. Therefore, it is no wonder when fans boot it up even in 2019 to relive the criminal adventures of Franklin, Trevor and Michael.

One problem occurred recently though. Ever since Rockstar Games silently released their launcher, players weren't able to run even the singleplayer mode without being connected to the internet. Initially, people thought it was another layer of DRM by 2K but the support later stated this is caused by a bug that will be fixed soon.

It seems like the moment has come and people can play GTA 5 offline again, but there is a hitch. They will still need to download both the latest update for GTA 5 and Rockstar Games Launcher, which obviously requires a connection. In case you are close to WiFi hotspots or any other means of connecting to the internet, it's not going to be an issue but those who don't have immediate access will need to wait until they do.

Following the updates, players will be able to boot up GTA 5 through Rockstar's launcher, that has to be online at the time of launching the game. Yes, you read it right - in order to play the game offline, you need to be online to launch it. Now it seems like those claiming this is another layer of DRM weren't so wrong after all. You can see the actual wording on the .

Rockstar Games GTA Online is one of the most profitable things that happened in gaming industry. GTA Online is one of the most profitable things that happened in gaming industry.

Anyway, at least the offline mode is back and it remains to be seen whether the players will eventually get the same experience as before or if they will be annoyed by DRM further.

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