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GTA Online discounts & Twitch Prime benefits, 19 September 2019

Published: 11:36, 20 September 2019

Rockstar Games have released the Ubermacht Zion Classic and announced the double reward bonuses along with the discounts for the week that will end on 26 September 2019.

Ubermach Zion Classic is the new car of the week that should prove to be a real treat for car collectors and BMW enthusiasts. It is based on the first generation of from the '80s. The car is a two-door coupe with decent performance that now available for purchase for $812,000 in Southern San Andreas Super Autos app.

Double rewards will be available for:

  •  Race Series (RP & cash)
  • Casino Work from Agatha Baker (RP, cash and chips)
  • VIP/ CEO Work Missions and Challenges (double cash rewards)
  • Associate work (double wages)

.Interestingly enough, this is the second week in a row for Race Series bonuses.

will be the podium vehicle this week, although it may not be as attractive as the fresh Baravado Classic from last week. 

The week's discounts should prove to be more interesting though as Benny's Original Motoroworks is having a blowout sale apparently:

  • Garage Properties - 30 per cent off (second week in a row)
  • Garage Add-Ons - 30 per cent off
  • - 30 per cent off
  • - 40 per cent off
  • - 35 per cent off (Nissan R33 GTR!)
  • - 35 per cent off
  • - 35 per cent off
  • - 35 per cent off
  • - 35 per cent off
  • - 35 per cent off (!)
  • - 40 per cent off
  • Brakes & Handling - 35 per cent off
  • Suspension - 40 per cent off
  • Transmission - 40 per cent off

Those who subscribed to Amazon Prime / Twitch Prime and linked their accounts with the Rockstar one can get 40 per cent off on of the newest and best performing supercars - . is not as new but it features a chunky 60 per cent discount. 

Rockstar Games GTA Online - Progen Emerus showcase GTA Online - Progen Emerus

AS per usual, Twitch Prime benefits include an additional 10 per cent off on the regular discounts, not the exclusive ones, free Diamond Casino penthouse and Lago Zancudo Bunker 100 per cent rebate on base price.

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