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Grim Fandango en route to Switch, cast does live reading at E3

Published: 06:50, 14 June 2018
Updated: 13:02, 24 September 2018
Cast and orchestra from Grim Fandango on a live reading session
Grim Fandango, live reading

Tim Schafer's Grim Fandango is bound to stick around forever, rightfully so, but not even E3's announcement of agent Manny Calavera on the Switch could overshadow the glorious reading by the game's voice talent with guest Jack Black.

Schafer says it himself somewhere at the beginning of the video - voice actors tend to work in small, stuffy rooms, away from the big screen. Rarely do they get the chance to do live readings of the sort Schafer threw them at E3 but we're honestly glad he did, because it's easily one of the best E3 shows so far.

All the cast is there, including the surprising addition of the always-pure-gold Jack Black, who not only hit the ground running with every character thrown at him, he almost stole the show. Almost though, as the saga of Grim Fandango never seemed more alive than on E3. 

Tony Plana's silky voice is more Manny that ever and Jim Ward's flashback into Hector LeMans is as diabolical as the first time we've heard it. The creative force behind Grim Fandango, as much as we and the , happened to be barely noticeable on the stage.

Alan Blumenfeld's revisiting of Glottis however is something that has to be experienced first hand. If you can't be bothered to keep imagining Glottis, although you barely need to, do yourself a favour and rewind to 40:05, when Glottis is going all out on Rusty Anchor. Simply amazing.

Seeing as how anyone who's played Grim Fandango is probably thinking about firing it up again, you may want to wait until agent Calavera rears his pretty little face, or lack thereof, on Nintendo Switch sometime in 2018. Schafer said it'll launch on the Switch with another Double Fine Productions game Broken Age.

Double Fine Productions Agent Manuel Calavera and Glottis from Grim Fandango Grim Fandango

Having come to almost fear E3 conferences for fear of what sensationalism I may encounter next, I've got to admit - Double Fine has done doubly fine, bringing us a piece of gaming related entertainment that totally hits the spot. Can we have more?


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