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GOG is offering No Man's Sky refunds due to lack of multiplayer

Published: 18:36, 26 July 2018
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Good Old Games should be renamed to Good Game Vendors as they have decided to offer refunds to players who were left without the multiplayer component No Man's Sky NEXT launched. Hello Games will not participate in the refund campaign.

Many praised CD Projekt Red for giving players a huge, fantastic game in the form of Witcher 3 and then delivering substantial expansions without ripping players' wallets wide open. It seems another round of applause is due, as their storefront, GOG, decided to refund all players who were sort of cheated out of multiplayer component for No Man's Sky.

These players, of course, bought the game back on launch when it didn't have multiplayer back in 2016. The whole mess was created when Hello Games launched NEXT, a massive update that brought the component into the game, but they delivered it everywhere across PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Well, not entirely on PC, as they only delivered it to Steam copies, not the ones on GOG.

This is a developer side problem, not retailer, as the latter doesn't hold any power over the game's development. Even so, GOG decided to to any players who purchased it, regardless of when it happened, out of their own pocket. Hello Games refused to offer refunds even though they are the ones who didn't deliver on the promise.

The refund policy will apply to all owners of No Man's Sky on GOG, and it will last until Sunday, 29 July 2018. Owners will need to contact in order to get the refund, which will not be paid back to players to whatever means of paying they used, but it will be added to their GOG funds.

Hello Games Promotional image for the upcoming update to No Man's Sky and subsequent Xbox One port. No Man's Sky NEXT

Granted, being forced to have your refund paid out in GOG funds is not ideal, but considering that lack of multiplayer in No Man's Sky is by no means GOG's fault, it is still rather impressive they are offering a way out for disgruntled players. 

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