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God of War is coming to PC in January

Published: 15:02, 20 October 2021
Updated: 15:11, 20 October 2021
Kratos is going nuts as he is demolishing enemies around him
God of War

PlayStation exclusive God of War will be coming to PC via Steam on January 22, 2022, Sony have officially announced.

Well, it finally happened. SIE Santa Monica's award-winning action-adventure God of War is finally coming to PC. Sony have officially announced the port today with a brand new trailer that showcases exclusive PC features.

"We’re thrilled to announce that God of War (2018) will be coming to PC on January 14, 2022! All of us at Santa Monica Studio have been humbled by the immense amount of support and passions fans of the God of War series have shown in the latest chapter of Kratos’ story since its release," Sony wrote in the announcement.

The publisher also revealed that God of War has sold over 19 million copies as of August 2021.  

"As of August 2021, 19.5MM copies for God of War on PlayStation 4 have been sold through and we can’t wait to share that experience with a whole new group of players on PC."

God of War PC trailer

The PC version of this critically acclaimed action-adventure includes a wide range of graphical presets and options including higher resolution shadows and improved screen space reflections to enhancements to the ambient occlusion pipeline with GTAO and SSDO.

On top of this, Sony reveal that the game will have fully implemented Nvidia DLSS on launch as well as Nvidia reflex low latency. There is no mention of real-time ray tracing though. 

The game will also support ultra-wide monitors as well as robust controller support and keyboard mapping customization.

Find more details on PlayStation's official blog.

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