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God of War gets first hands on video, combat system has Kratos hitting harder than ever

Published: 12:59, 20 March 2018
God of War game protagonist with scarce armor holding an axe
God of War

The upcoming God of War is not only different in lore, as Kratos is seated in Norse mythology now, but in control scheme as well. The devs say that while they changed things around, they wanted to make sure Kratos hits harder than ever.

And to be fair, hit he does - Kratos' new moves at times seem so brutal they trump the earlier God of War instalments combined. However, this iteration of the Ghost of Sparta requires some brain to go with the brawl.

God of War attacks are mapped to R1 and R2 and feature dual stick camera controls, which seems to work great. This time around however, the weapon of choice is the Leviathan Axe, which brings a slew of, ahem, creatively performed murderous rampages.

Sony A man with a shield facing away from the camera God of War

Other than jabs and regular hits, L2 will wind up the Leviathan for long distance smashes. Kratos will not remain locked though, there's still bare knuckle fighting as well as captain America style shield fighting.

Naturally, there's still the Spartan Rage, which is activated by pressing L3 and R3 simultaneously. Do we really need to explain?

Overall though, God of War seems to introduce a somewhat more deliberate approach to fighting, seeing as how the Leviathan Axe is a pretty unforgiving weapon. Yeah, especially when you're on the wrong side of it.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Kratos talking to his son while the Leviathan axe is on Kratos' back in the center of the screen. God of War

God of War will feature gear, upgradeable stats and combat skill trees. The devs did confirm however that a single play-through will not be enough to max out all the skill trees, so indeed - there may finally be some planning to God of War.

The game's director recently said that the game will have no micro-transactions, . God of War looks better than ever and really seems to play better than ever too, but we'll know more when we get our mitts on it.

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