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Ghost Recon Breakpoint's TU 3.0.0 - a new class and a new adventure

Published: 08:33, 15 September 2020
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Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ghost Recon Breakpoint's latest Title Update 3.0.0 has a download size of around 7 GB. The update will introduce the new Red Patriot Adventure and the new Pathfinder class.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint's latest Title Update 3.0.0, will be deployed on September 15 at 10:00 a.m. BST across all platforms.

Download size

  • PC: ~7.19 GB
  • Xbox One: ~7.19 GB
  • PlayStation 4: ~7.00 GB

Red Patriot Adventure

The new adventure features 10 Story Missions and 26 adventure rewards.

Two of the missions will be free for all players, but players who have the Red Patriot Adventure or Y1 Pass will have immediate access to explore all the remaining bits of content. 

Y1 pass owners and Adventure owners can invite up to three friends to play through the missions with them. Rewards can be granted retroactively to those who complete missions by picking up either the Red Patriot Adventure or Y1 Pass in the Store themselves.

Screenshots from Ubisoft's shooter Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

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Ghost Recon: Breakpoint


  • Costumes: Pyotr Bukharov Costume, Trey Stone Costume, Claro Gentile Costume + Mask, Scott Mitchell Costume + Top.
  • Bodark Gear: Bodark Mask, Bodark Mask B, Bodark Mask C, Bodark Mask D, Bodark Mask E, Bodark Chest Rig, Bodark Shirt, Bodark Gloves, Bodark Pants, Bodark Boots, Bodark Load Bearing Vest, Bodark Coat, Raven’s Rock Gear Patch, Bodark Gear Camo.
  • Weapons: 553 Scout | Sentinel, AK74 Assault | Survival, Honey Badger | Brown.
  • Vehicles: Opheis | Raven’s Rock, MC-1 Restraint | Raven’s Rock, Boson | Radiation.
  • The Fireworks and In Deep Waters mission rewards (Claro Gentile Costume + Mask, Bodark Mask E, Bodark Gloves, Bodark Coat, Honey Badger | Brown) are obtainable by all players whether they own the Y1 pass or not.

Pathfinder class

The new class coming to Ghost Recon Breakpoint is meant for those who'd like some versatility when it comes to combat.

  • Special Ability – Armaros Interface: Allows you to control a rogue Azrael Drone.
  • Special Tool – Uplink Protocol: This tool refills the Pathfinder skill gauge.
  • Passive Skills:
    • Tactical Cache Identification: How you will fill your Pathfinder gauge. You will be able to find these Tactical Caches more easily through this identification skill.
    • Scout Vision: White-hot thermal vision
    • Wild Metabolism: Ration effects last longer and are more powerful.

More information and exhaustive patch notes for TU 3.0.0 can be found here .

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