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Ghost Recon: Breakpoint getting more firing modes in Gunsmith

Published: 17:02, 09 July 2020
Ghost Recon Breakpoint - Free Trial and Friend Pass
Ghost Recon Breakpoint - Free Trial and Friend Pass

Ubisoft have been listening to the Ghost Recon: Breakpoint community in regards to customisation in the Gunsmith, which are coming with the release of TU 2.1.0.

This is merely the first round of the intended Ghost Recon: Breakpoint changes and the team has apparently been busy implementing meaningful upgrades to the existing system. 

The first change is about trigger cutomisation - some burst and/or automatic weapons will have an option for single fire/full-auto, and vice versa. Note that the mode you pick will not affect damage, as that part is still dependent on actual shots. 

The following Ghost Recon: Breakpoint SMGs will get the single fire option:

  • MP5    
  • MP7    
  • MPX    
  • Scorpion EVO3 CQC    
  • Scorpion EVO3    
  • UMP    
  • Echelon SMG    
  • Vector    
  • Vector Shorty

The following ASRs will support burst/automatic fire option:

  • 416
  • 416 Shorty
  • 516
  • 553
  • 805 BREN
  • A2
  • AK12
  • G36C
  • M4A1
  • MK17
  • VHSD2
  • Silver Stake

Additionally, Ubisoft will be moving some foregrips on assault rifles, submachine guns and shotguns, as the Ghost Recon: Breakpoint community had a thing or two to say about them. 

Two new muzzle options have been added to Maria's Shop. The control shield will give a specific look for three separate weapon groups, and this includes unique muzzle visual FX. Control Shield and the freshly added Muzzle Break can be use with the following:

Control Shield 5.56 (ASR) Factory and Shorty Models:    

  • 416    
  • 516    
  • 553    
  • AK12    
  • AK74    
  • AUG    
  • G36   
  • IA2    
  • M4A1    
  • SC-20K    
  • Tavor    
  • VHS-D2

Control Shield 7.62 (ASR) Factory and Shorty Models:    

  • 805 BREN    
  • AK47    
  • ARX200   

MK17Muzzle Brake .338 (Sniper):    

  • HTI    
  • L115A3    
  • M82    
  • SCORPIO    
  • SRSA1    
  • TAC50

Ubisoft Ghost Recon: Breakpoint character holding a gun Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, anti-Terminator gun!

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint players are getting three new scopes. These are the SLX 5 Sight, a compact ACSS magnified sight, the Leupold, a holo scope with the best visibility in class, and the VC16, which is a multiple zoom value scope X1/X6. 

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint TU 2.1.0 also brings the following improvements to the existing guns and attachments:

  • Converted AK47 Assault set to an SBR
  • Added GL M203 to 416 CQC
  • Total retake of Weapon’s UI Icons (weapons and attachments)
  • Update on positions of fore/angled grips for all under-barrel attachments
  • Modifications on hands positions and rotations on all foregrips in order to avoid wrist tension
  • Modified 516 CQC and EVO3 TAC side Picatinny position and move hands to avoid overlapping
  • Worked on framing update in Gunsmith's hidden menu mode
  • Retakes on G36 and 553 under-barrel Picatinny rails
  • Retakes on hand position in GL M203 (now placed on mobile part instead of trigger)
  • Retakes on the positions of GL M203 (now close to magazines) on every weapon
  • Added extended magazines to M4A1 and MPX Tactical variations
  • Fix animation issue on EVO3 Angled grip
  • Replaced Hera Foregrip by RVG Foregrip on SN-9mm
  • Replaced Skeleton Angled grip with RVG on MP5
  • Added RVG Foregrip on MPX and MPX Tactical attachments

You can learn more on the official website .

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