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Genshin Impact: Scaraouche's weapon type and rarity has been revealed

Published: 20:39, 16 June 2022
Genshin Impact character Scaramouche
Genshin Impact - Scaramouche

A new Genshin Impact leak has revealed more information about one of the upcoming characters, Scaramouche, who is expected to arrive with Genshin Impact Version 3.2.

New Genshin Impact characters arrive with each new update. It seems as though Hoyoverse keeps adding one new character with each update with the electro user Kamisato Ayato being the most recent addition.

Previous Genshin Impact leaks have revealed that a very popular character, Scaramouche will soon arrive as a new boss. According to the leak, he should arrive as a part of the upcoming major update which will bring a new main nation. This has led a lot of players to believe that he could become a playable character as well.

However, it seems as though that Scaramouche might also arrive as a playable character fairly soon. A popular leaker named Ubatcha1 has confirmed that he could join the playable roster with Version 3.2. According to the game's usual schedule, 3.2 should arrive around November 2021.

A new Genshin Impact  leak  reveals that Scaramouche will apparently be a limited five-star character. The leak also reveals that his weapon type will be Catalyst.

miHoYo A screenshot from the game Genshin Impact Genshin Impact - Baizhu

Rumors have already revealed the two characters that will arrive shortly after Sumeru's introduction: the Dendro Archon and Collei. A credible Genshin Impact leaker named Ubatcha1 claims that Collei will arrive in update 3.0. This update will most likely introduce a brand new major region named Sumeru. So far the game has introduced three nations: Mondstadt, Liyue and Inazuma.

The new Sumeru region will also bring a new Genshin Impact Archon. The Dendro Archon is named Lesser Lord Kusanali, better known as the God of Wisdom. The same leaker revealed Kusanali will arrive in Genshin Impact Update 3.1.

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