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Furious Angels under the radar

Published: 14:27, 13 March 2017
Updated: 13:26, 13 July 2017
Furious Angels

Minimalistic SHMUP-ing over the desert

Furious Angels released on Steam about three weeks ago and as is common with the platform in recent years - stayed completely under the radar.

Developed by , who has perviously worked on Crysis and Far Cry, and with assistance from what I assume are family and friends, Furious Angels is a scoreboard based SHMUP with an aesthetic that should be pleasing to anyone nostalgic about the old Kushan ship designs from the first Homeworld.

MorfeoDev Furious Angels Furious Angels

From what I can tell the game is cantered around daily generated waves of baddies, with your combat vessel upgrading as it destroys more enemies. Log in, shred some foes, place on leaderboard, repeat. There is something appealing in the simplicity of it and to make things even simpler - it's available on for just under £5.


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