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Full list of reimbursed Horticulture equipment in New World

Published: 06:35, 02 December 2021
New World
New World

It only took Amazon a week and a half to reimburse items that were lost due to an update they made to the game. An update which, with this issue, did more harm than good, as it brought very little to the actual table.

As a reminder, anyone who has lost an acquired piece of Harvester Armor, between the Nov 1.1 Update and the Patch on Nov 24th, will receive an extra Rewards Chest in their inventory containing the following 5 items:

  • Harvester Hat,
  • Harvester Shirt,
  • Harvester Gloves,
  • Harvester Pants,
  • Harvester Shoes.

These items will be provided at the highest tier you have personally acquired in the past for any piece of the Harvester set. Since they are at the maximum Gear Score for that tier, they will be gated by the appropriate player level to equip them. These items are marked as Bind on Equip like any Harvester armor piece you would encounter normally.

Amazon Game Studios New World I guess players will travel the world purely for the scenery now

So, at least, Amazon know how to do a reimbursement right. Though it's a bit of a too little too late kind of situation the game is in right now. With this, we don't just mean this particular incident, though even that took longer than it should have to resolve, but everything that has been going on since the launch.

After scratching a bit below the surface of the game, it starts to feel like it's in very early beta, even though it has been out for two months now, after multiple delays, and the developers give off the feeling of being in way over their heads.

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