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How to get the free Season 4 Battle Pass tier in Fortnite

Published: 17:27, 04 May 2018
Epic Games
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Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite keeps many secrets and Epic Have made a habit of leaving breadcrumb trails for players to uncover long ago. One such occurrence is the free Battle Pass tier journey players can undertake by the end of the first Season 4 week.

Fortnite's fabled comet has finally hit and put an end to a month-long craze made of conspiracy theories and expectations. Epic Games aren't stopping there and the new season has kicked in with plenty of new content, map changes and a new Battle Pass. 

There is a free tier of Battle Pass progression that can be obtained in somewhat simple order. First you will need to go to the Challenges section within the game and complete all of the . After that is done, you will need to claim the "Quiet on the Set!" loading screen and start a new game. Next up, you will need to go to the prison near Moisty Mire and proceed to the north-eastern part. 

Battle Pass Season 4 Star can be found spinning on one of the towers in the prison, which you can preview on the loading screen you previously claimed. Pick it up and you're one step closer to the Omega skin, simple as that. We will be on the lookout for more such secrets in the future, as Epic Games are keen on slipping little secrets into the game without officially mentioning them.

If you're hunting the tiers yourself, you should also bear in mind that the Battle Pass' Week 1 is coming to a close so you may want to hurry it up in order not to miss out on the star. As I previously mentioned, all of the Week 1 Challenges will need to be completed before the star will spawn so it might be a bit time consuming.

Epic Games Season 4 map of Epic's game Fortnite: Battle Royale Fortnite S4

Week 1 Challenges include a scavenger hunt for letters spelling out "Fortnite" but they're scattered all over the map and this one will most likely require more than one drop to complete. 


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