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Forza Motorsport release window now set for "2023" suggesting potential delay

Published: 17:04, 26 January 2023
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Forza Motorsport's official trailer is out
Forza Motorsport's official trailer is out

The official trailer for Forza Motorsports revealed numerous new details about the game and may have hinted at the game's possible delay.

Microsoft announced the forthcoming Forza Motorsport with the official trailer during Wednesday night's Xbox showcase, revealing what we can expect from arguably the best racing simulator in 2023. They offered us a lot of information about the game, but unfortunately not the most essential one: the release date. 

Previously, spring 2023 was listed as the release date, but now we can see in the trailer that the release date is just 2023. It remains to be seen whether Microsoft quietly discloses the game's postponement for the second half of the year.

According to Gabe Garcia, the game's vehicle art director, the physics simulation in Forza Motorsport is more advanced in this game than in the previous three Forza games combined. He talked about the enhanced physics of accelerating, braking, and cornering, promising a never-before-seen Forza experience.

We also learned a thing or two about the game's advanced visuals and what we can expect from Forza Motorsport in terms of graphics. According to the trailer, Forza Motorsport will have high-resolution textures as well as advanced Ray Tracing effects, not just in the cutscenes, as was the case with Gran Turismo 7 , but during races as well. One small detail piqued our interest particularly: Forza Motorsport will have unique physics for dust, which will fall on different cars in different ways based on their size and shape.

Screengrab/YouTube Forza Motorsport will have Ray Tracing effect in both cutscenes and gameplay Forza Motorsport will have Ray Tracing effect in both cutscenes and gameplay

According to Turn10 Studios , the developers of this highly anticipated racing simulator, Forza Motorsport will have over 500 licenced cars as well as over 800 unique parts for customization. There will also be around 20 tracks with various settings and orientations.

Forza Motorsport will be available on Xbox Series X|S and PC once it is launched; however, the developers promise a better experience if we play the game on Xbox Series X owing to its superior hardware.


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