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First big Forza Horizon 4 content drop coming on 25 October

Published: 18:22, 22 October 2018
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Forza Horizon 4 - How will the game's graphics improve, you ask? By becoming a literal playable movie.

Playground Games' hit racing simulator Forza Horizon 4 is getting ready for the first big content drop on 25 October 2018, when it will be getting the highly anticipated Route Creator, a new Horizon story, Halloween Party content and more.

Playground Games stressed that the Route Creator has been a much-requested feature and although Forza Horizon 3's Blueprint allowed for creating events and sharing them with friends, "it wasn't quite the same as building your own races throughout the sprawling open world".

Which is exactly what the Route Creator will bring once it lands, with more than 40 miles at their disposal, which is just a tad shy of 65 kilometres. Forza Horizon 4's new feature has no restrictions on where to place tracks and checkpoints, so we're bound to see some clever community tracks soon.

As you can see from Playground's Route Creator video above, players create tracks by simply driving and setting up checkpoints along the way, tweaking the track for whatever they wish, be it high-speed racing or a slalom-like experience. To better portray the level of freedom Forza Horizon 4 players have been given, the company's creative director Ralph Fulton said, "You can drop checkpoints on the roofs of houses if you can get up there".

Other than the Route Creator, Forza Horizon 4's upcoming update brings a new Horizon Story British Racing Green that will inject even more British spirit into the game. The company promised 10 new episodes of Horizon's "motoring TV series", focusing on British automotive history, the likes of Aston Martin and Talbot Sunbeam included.

Playground games are adamant they won't be slowing down with weekly season changes like barn finds, limited time championships and PR stunts. The update will bring another 20 events, which includes new trials and four seasonal PR stunts.

Microsoft A table showing contents of Forza Horizon 4's new update Forza Horizon 4, 25 October update

Forza Horizon 4 Car Pass owners will be getting eight more cars in a two-per-week schedule, although the developer didn't say which ones. Add to that the 10 new outfit items and five new car horns and it's a proper Halloween.

Forza Horizon 4 racing game by Playground Games and Microsoft

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