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Fortnite's new Junk Rift could help crush your Brute mech enemies

Published: 12:37, 20 August 2019
Epic Games
Fortnite's newly added item - the Junk Rift
Fortnite, Junk Rift

Fortnite: Battle Royale's content update v10.10 has landed and it may just soothe the burns caused by Brute mechs by adding a new item - the Junk Rift. That's not all though, as the update also brings the morphing Glitched Consumables.

You had to be living under a dense rock not to have witnessed the mass hysteria caused by Fortnite's addition of Brute mechs, and Epic's subsequent interventions helped, but not enough to stop the outrage.

Well, now Fortnite players have another means of dealing with the nasty Brutes - say hi to the Junk Rift. 

"Heads up! You can now deal with opponents by dropping heavy things on them. With the power of the Rift, summon anchors, cars, and more to fall from the sky", Epic wrote.

As you can see, Fortnite players encountering Brutes can simply chuck the Junk Rift and perhaps take pleasure in the variety of things dropping on the mechs, which in the case of the short trailer seems to be a Triceratops. We're not dinosaur experts but it sure looks like one.

Anyway, the resulting object damages players and destroys everything in its path, while creating a small shockwave that also damages players and destroys stuff. 

Junk Rift items inflict 200 damage on direct hits, and slightly knock players back. The shockwave deals 100 damage, with both hits immediately destroying vehicles and other destructible objects.

Fortnite players will find Junk Rifts in stacks of 2, with a maximum stack size of 4. It's an epic rarity item that can be found in floor loot, chests, supply drops and llamas.

Fortnite v10.10 content update also brings Glitched Consumables, which can be found at the explosion site and they randomly morph into different forageable items that were available in the game. 

Epic Games fortnite artwork showing a mech from season 10 Fortnite - Season X

Just to recap, Apples grant 5 health; Mushrooms grant 5 shields; Coconuts grant 5 effective health (sum of a player's Health + Shield); Peppers increase player movement speed; Hop Rocks decrease gravity whereas Shadow Stones turn players into fast ghosts that can dash through structures.

You can find the full patch notes on .

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Fortnite - Season X

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