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Fortnite's Joy Ride update is all about iconic retro cars

Published: 21:22, 05 August 2020
Epic Games
Fortnite's Joy Ride update's addition - Mudflap
Fortnite's Joy Ride update's addition - Mudflap

Fortnite: Battle Royale's next update has been revealed and it's aptly called Joy Ride because it's all about some iconic vehicles that will help you and your crew make that swift getaway.

Epic announced the update with a traditionally short but sweet trailer, showing off the new vehicles in action. It looks like Fortnite's developer really dove headfirst into the nostalgia pool, and slightly older users will surely recall most. 

For starters, the truck on the cover image is called Mudflap in Epic's version, but we'll forever remember it for that scene from Terminator 2. Seriously, someone just play You Could Be Mine and let's start headbanging. 

Whiplash should be familiar to most as well, although yours truly is thinking of at least three movies, so I'll steer clear of this one, ba dum tss. Also added are Islander Prevalent, which looks like a middle-ground vehicle, and OG Bear, again a rendition of a popular US truck.

"Wherever you drop on the Island, hop into a ride to escape the scene or simply take your squad for a spin. Get behind the wheel of the first drivable cars in Fortnite! As long as the car isn't booted, the keys are already in the ignition", Epic wrote.

Fortnite players will quickly find that keeping them wheels turning requires gas, but there's hope even if you end up stranded and fuelless. Simply scout around for a throwable Gas Can, which should be ample on the map. 

Epic Games Fortnite's latest addition - Whiplash Fortnite's latest addition - Whiplash

Make sure you don't forget to refuel your gas can on Fortnite's gas station, so that you don't have to do it all over again. Fortnite: Joy Ride will bring the game up to v13.40 - but who cares about numbers - let's burn some rubber.

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