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Epic Games has removed Guided Missiles from Fortnite BR

Published: 13:39, 18 April 2018
Epic Games
Fortnite's Guided Missile
Fortnite - Guided Missile deleted for now, might come back in the future

Fortnite's missile guiding license is getting revoked as the team have decided to remove the said weapon from the game. Apparently, it promoted a playstyle which conflicted with the original vision but comeback is possible, Epic say.

Epic Games have decided to pull the Guided Missile and rethink their strategy as to what they should do with it. The weapon might never come back, but Epic are adamant about fixing it somehow and bringing it back.

It's said that Fortnite's endgame was becoming an artillery match because of it, so expect to see a lot more action now that it's gone.

Epic Games Guided Missile trailer Fortnite Fortnite - The Guided Missile ended many Jubilations

The company decided to vault the Guided Missile in order to make necessary changes to it mostly due to player concerns. What the game promotes is fast paced gameplay and having a weapon which kills opponents while you're a kilometre away doesn't look good for that gameplay model.

Epic Games Fortnite gameplay Fortnite - Be careful of peeking, it might get you killed instead.

Additionally, they are fixing some bugs with peeking. The bug would make players shoot their own constructs even though they were well above it. The unintentional change will be reverted next patch.

Peeking is only getting reverted to a previous patch until Epic figure out what to do with it and how to make it better. Weapon Swapping is getting a hotfix as well, seeing as some weapons feel sluggish now. The patch notes for the hotfix were posted on Reddit and can be found .

Epic Games Tilted Towers in Fortnite Fortnite - Tilted is still alive and kicking

In other news, Fortnite players have recently noticed a flying towards the island. Through leaks and data mines, players have determined that the target location for the impact point is Tilted Towers.

Many assumptions were made about the arrival of the patch that will introduce the massive scale change to the map, with the most plausible date being 18 April 2018.

Seeing as how that day has passed and Tilted Towers is still where it was, it's safe to assume the leaks were wrong. Whether it will happen during the day, we cannot say. However if and when it happens, be sure we will be writing about it. If we're not in it, of course.


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