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Fortnite's 6.20 update adds Fortnitemares, six shooter and more

Published: 08:44, 24 October 2018
Updated: 10:05, 24 October 2018
Epic Games
Fortnitemares, a Halloween themed limited time mode for Fortnite
Fortnite, Fortnitemares limited time mode

Epic Games have just rolled out Fortnite's 6.20 update, which finally reveals what the company was up to writing all those Halloween themed rhymes. Fortnitemares is a new limited time mode that actually has the cube fighting back.

Epic wrote in the patch notes that the cube has unleashed cube fragments on Fortnite's island, each of whom spawns cube monsters. Large cube fragments can be found in corrupted areas of the island, while small ones are randomly created over the course of the match.

Cube fiends and brutes, as Fortnite's new monsters are called, are not just for show - there's a chance they'll drop loot upon death. Killing them also earns you a bit of shield, so if you're good - you can keep your shields topped off.

Fortnitemares have their own set of challenges, which will be refreshed every couple of days. If you happen to complete the final set of tasks, you'll be the proud owner of the creepy dark engine glider, which you can see in the photo below.

Fortnitemares comes with a limited time weapon dubbed the fiend hunter crossbow, which only comes in epic flavour. It shoots 1.8 arrows per second, each dealing 40 base damage and four times that to fiends, as the name already suggested. It holds seven arrows in the magazine and comes with unlimited ammo, just like its .

As for the battle royale component of Fortnite, the update brings the six shooter, a revolver that comes in uncommon, rare and epic flavours, dealing 34, 36 and 38 damage respectively. It uses medium ammo and Epic suggested hip firing for faster fire rate, reserving ADS-ing for slower, precision shots.

Epic introduced hefty buffs to hand cannon's damage against structures and its epic and legendary variants will now deal 150 and 157, instead of 79 and 83, respectively. To further ensure Fortnite's Halloween is as true to the Halloween spirit as possible, rocket launchers are now pumpkin rocket launchers, although the change is purely cosmetic.

Epic Games Fortnite's Halloween themed glider dubbed the dark engine glider Fortnite, the dark engine glider

Fortnite's glider redeploy functionality can now be used across all the game's modes, allowing players to redeploy it if they're higher than 10 meters off the ground.

There've been a bunch of item additions to Fortnite's Playground mode, as well as some storm circle tweaks and a host of other minor fixes, all which you can find in Epic's official patch notes . If you're keen on learning more about Fortnitemares, you can do so .

Epic Games Six shooter, Fortnite's Halloween addition to the arsenal Fortnite, the six shooter

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