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Fortnite: Battle Royale secret dance locations revealed as part of Week 2 challenges

Published: 14:55, 06 March 2018
Epic Games
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Fortnite Battle Royale no-dancing sign

Fortnite Battle Royale players who bought the Season 3 Battle Pass and are now looking to unlock the 'whoah dude' skin need not worry - we've got your back. No, not in Fortnite, because everything's fair in love, loot and Battle Royale.

It may seem at first that this article is useless to players who haven't bought the Fortnite Battle Pass, but trust us - you want to stick around. Why? Well, if you're a hunter, you might as well know your prey and their habits. Yes, we know it's sneaky, but Fortnite: Battle Royale players know it's the name of the game.

Anyway, completing Fortnite's Week 2 set of challenges earns you 4000XP. Let's start with the easy ones, such as the jump pad. Do we really have to explain - might as well jump. Go ahead 'n jump. Wink wink.

Epic Games A woman falling through the air towards a large continent Fortnite Battle Royale drop

Next up is dealing 1000 damage with assault rifles. Fortnite's assault rifles include all rarities and variants of the M16 and Kalashnikov, so you'll probably wrap this one up without even thinking, if you haven't already.

Opening seven chests in Wailing Woods may seem easy at first, but our first landing there has quickly proven that this Fortnite challenge will be a chore. Namely, the Woods spawn a maximum of three chests and with world plus dog going for them, you'll have to be on your toes.

Epic Games An armed woman running into the woods Fortnite Battle Royale: Wailing Woods, happy hunting!

Fortnite's dancing finally has a viable usage, if we ignore rubbing salt in the wound of that noob you just fragged. Battle Royalers will have to dance in front of five different 'no dancing' signs, of which there are 15 on the map.

AltChar A rendered topografical map with more than a dozen signs on it Fortnite: Battle Royale No-dancing sign locations

We'll start from the top, left to right, where the exact locations are as follows:

  • Junk Junction sign is underneath the Llama
  • Anarchy Acres, go northwest to the motel
  • Wailing Woods, go northwest to the RV
  • Pleasant Park, climb the mountain above
  • Loot Lake, the sign is on the dock
  • Southwest of Wailing Woods, north of Retail row, containers
  • Snobby Shores, topmost house, north
  • Tilted Towers, next to the taco shop
  • Retail Row, go to the parking lot
  • North of Moisty Mire, in the racetrack podium
  • Greasy Grove, go to the western part
  • Salt Springs, close to the gas station
  • Flush Factory, underneath the mother of all toilets
  • Fatal Fields, on the dock
  • Prison, west of Moisty Mire

Next up is intersection between a pool, umbrella and windmill, which is next to the tree we marked in red and where you'll find the token. In the bright red circle is the umbrella - rather than an actual object, it just looks like like an umbrella from above.

Epic Games A map of a landmass with two red circles marking points of interest Fortnite Battle Royale: The token location

The final pieces of the Fortnite Battle Royale Week 2 puzzle are SMG eliminations, which should bring some much needed relief from the shotgun dependence most players seem to have developed. You'll also have to take down three enemies in Greasy Grove.

So what are you waiting for? Happy hunting!


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