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Fortnite rolls out 50v50 mode

Published: 13:55, 09 December 2017

Fortnite Battle Royale team has rolled out patch version 1.10, turning the end of 2017 into a genuine PUBG vs Fortnite BR patch-a-palooza. The patch brings a brand new gaming mode, host of performance improvements, overhauled inventory, tweaked aim assist and much, much more.

Players can now treat themselves to a round of 50v50 mayhem and they will be able to do so by December 17th. This foreshadows what promises to be a series of interesting game mods yet to come but for now - let's see how the first one fares.

The patch boosts server performance, general framerate when multiple players are near, as well as rendering of lightings, shadows, bushes, etc. It also claims to improve on UI, PhysX, particle systems and general CPU performance. The Fortnite team says it reduces “general hitching by optimizing garbage collection of objects loaded within memory”, and we must admit that our test run felt like they’re right.

The new inventory brings improvements in both the looks and function. The company says they tried to “ease a lot of the pain points for controller players and mouse players alike.” In case you take a more studious, statistical approach in your quest for victory, you can go to the post match stats screen and see how you did in detail.

Bandages are now 35% less likely to drop from treasure chests and supply drops. Aim assist is reduced on controllers, allowing for easier leading of targets when sniping. While we’re on the subject, sniper rifles will no longer reload while scoped, which should provide for an interesting dynamics. Also, silenced SMGs no longer have tracers.

Ambient sounds for traps are quieter and less frequent. However, a new sound has been added to warn players they are approaching one. Teammate footsteps are now quieter than enemy ones and if you’re spectating, same goes for the player you’re looking at. Footsteps now have different sounds for “wood, stone, metal, and dirt/grass surfaces” and it’s easier to hear them through walls.

Sniper gunshots will now be heard up to 250m, up from 180m, which, together with the reload tweak, should provide for an interesting sniping dynamic and definitely make the gun a high risk high reward weapon. Medkits, shield potions and slurp juice consumables have new sounds as well and the ticking sound got its low frequency content chopped off, as it could occasionally sound like a player running.

We tried to cherry pick the best of features for you, but if you want to delve deeper, you can do so on .


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