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Fortnite rift shrinking, Epic laying foundations for Season 6

Published: 07:36, 15 August 2018
Epic Games
A mysterious crack that appeared on the sky in Fortnite

The celestial crack that has grown to split Fortnite: Battle Royale's sky in Season 5 is now "healing" at the same tempo it grew and the latest data mines have revealed that the crack will be gone in its entirety come 21 August 2018.

There's still plenty to go until the sky has healed but seeing as how Fortnite's Season 5 doesn't end until a month or so, don't be expecting any radical changes yet. Epic tend to be subtle and extremely patient with their setups, saving their best for the final drumroll moment.

While it is true that it's too early to be looking towards Season 6, Epic's endless sneakiness means it's never a bad idea to be on the lookout for anything fishy. However, if I had to guess - I'd say we won't see any substantial changes until the rift closes.

Once it does though, the only thing that could be even remotely likened to a fact is that we'll be seeing changes to the map. Furthermore, with the first couple of seasons focusing on western parts of the island, Epic has since started sprucing up the east. 

Season 4's comet happened to obliterate what was once known as , rearranging the topology to ensure, ahem, lower altitude. The natural catastrophe earned it a new name as well and we now know it as Dusty Divot.

At the time everyone suspected that Epic will be ridding the island of Tilted Towers, but it just represented a shift of focus to the western reaches of the island. Indeed, Season 4 brought about the Californication of what was once Moisty Mire, a grim and gloomy place that I cannot say I was a huge fan of.

Epic Games Screenshot of reality rifts from Epic's Fortnite: Battle Royale Fortnite

Paradise Palms, on the other hand, is an immensely jollier location bathed in sunshine, with plenty of high ground and natural cover, not to mention the dinosaurs. The Mire as you may recall was a drab flatland that didn't really offer much in terms of tactics. Well, other than bravely camping in the surrounding shacks.

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