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Fortnite gets Season 6 trailer dubbed Darkness Rises

Published: 08:23, 27 September 2018
Updated: 08:28, 27 September 2018
Epic Games
Fortnite's mysterious purple cube revealed in Season 6
Fortnite, Season 6

The mysterious purple cube that sank into Loot Lake has risen to kick off Fortnite's Season 6 and Epic Games have plenty of epic content in store, including the addition of pets, shadow stones and a bunch of new locations to match.

As you can see in the trailer, the cube is not done messing with Fortnite and its newly found rise to power is not the only thing that arose. While this probably means that Loot Lake will not be as bouncy as before, its central island has its head in the clouds. Literally.

First things first though - the shadow stones. Epic wrote that consuming the stones grants players 45 seconds of shadow form, where they can't use weapons but are invisible if stationary. Moving leaves a shadow and makes Fortnite players more visible though.

While in shadow form, players have superior movement speed, jump height and fall damage immunity, as well as a new ability called phase. Phase lets players dash in the direction they're facing, passing through walls and other physical boundaries X-Men style.

As for Fortnite's new locations, these are Floating Island, Haunted Castle, corn fields and corrupted areas. Note however that Epic suggested there are more to be found by saying "find the rest in-game".

Although we're unsure as to the exact mechanics of newly added pets, Epic said that they'll always be watching your back. The image suggests they'll be worn around as back blings, but we'll find out soon enough. 

The grappler has been buffed with momentum functionality, which means that hitting moving targets will add their momentum to your launch force. Epic vaulted impulse nades, suppressed smg, light machine gun, bouncer and remote explosives, although they'll still be accessible through Fortnite's Playground mode.

Epic Games Fortnite's Season 6 addition - pets Fortnite, Season 6, pets

Fortnite's double barrel damage has been nerfed slightly and Epic also tweaked storm circles, added custom controller bindings, input-based matchmaking on consoles and a plethora of bug fixes, UI and audio tweaks, which are too lengthy to list. 

You can find the official Fortnite's Season 6 patch notes on Epic's website .

Epic Games Fortnite's Season 6 addition - pets Fortnite, Season 6, pets

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