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Fortnite gets free Storm the Agency challenges in v12.61

Published: 17:26, 26 May 2020
Epic Games
Fortnite, Renegade Shadow Outfit
Fortnite, Renegade Shadow Outfit

Epic Games have rolled out the v12.61 update for Fortnite: Battle Royale and the listed changes include new Storm the Agency challenges, cosmetics and more.

As usual, Epic's patch notes are skimpy on the details but they did provide a few bits of info. for starters, the new Storm the Agency challenges are here and these are:

  • Land at The Agency.    
  • Survive 10 Storm Circles.  
  • Open a faction-locked Chest at three different Spy Bases.    
  • Swim over five hatches at The Agency.    
  • Eliminate a Henchman at three different Safe Houses.

Fortnite players who complete these will be earning free rewards like the Shadow Seal Wrap, Steel Shadow Pickaxe and Shadow Stalker Glider. It goes without saying that you also get bonus XP. 

Renegade Shadow outfit has been added to the Fortnite store and it comes with the Blast Radius Back Bling. Both come with selectable styles, so you can swap how you step in and out of the shadows", Epic wrote. 

The last change among the officially listed ones is the giftable loading screen of The Agency invasion raid, which you can pick up for free and share with friends.

Epic Games Fortnite, Storm the Agency challenges rewards Fortnite, Storm the Agency challenges rewards

Fortnite Competitive, the game's subreddit, is currently on fire from people discussing whether or not Epic simply reverted last update's nerf of the aim-assist on controllers. Part of the community is certain they have, while others insist that the announced changes have not been added to the game yet. 

Epic Games Fortnite's giftable loading screen Fortnite, giftable loading screen

You can find Epic's notes here .

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