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Fortnite gets a feet-freezing trap in latest content update

Published: 15:13, 03 October 2018
Updated: 15:17, 03 October 2018
Epic Games
A glowing cube propping up an island in the air from Fortnite
Fortnite: Battle Royale, Season 6

Epic Games have rolled out Fortnite's v6.01 content patch and although it's focusing more on Save the World, there's still a few worthy additions such as the higly niche, yet highly fun looking Chiller, a trap that freezes your feet off.

As you can see from the video, falling for the trap means retaining your momentum and sliding off. If there's angled steep surfaces below, it's a proper send off, especially since it grants you that split Fortnite second when both of you know. Yeah, that one.

Chiller is a common trap that can be strapped on floors, walls and ceilings. It drops in stacks of three in floor loot, chests, supply drops vending machines and llamas.

Fortnite's Playground mode has got a few tweaks as well, most notably adjusting starting health, gravity, etc. Epic's leaving players as much choice as possible and the mode seems to have gathered a nice little following.

Epic has had a glitchy start to Fortnite's Season 6, having taken down shadow stones, returning them and then taking them down again until they're working properly. Seeing a predatorial squad armed to the teeth isn't much fun though, so fair play we guess.

The company has iterated on Fortnite's Switch controls, which were said to be a drab at one point and Epic's fix at the time didn't help. Let's hope this one's the winning one.

In latest news, a few prominent sportsmen appealed at young Fortnite players to take it down a notch, or stop playing the game altogether, and it's getting pretty ridiculous. Especially since at the same time, you can freely read about many who fire it up at half time, so what gives?

Epic Games Fortnite's mysterious purple cube revealed in Season 6 Fortnite, Season 6

Many parents seem outraged but the real fact is the thing is fun - kids have been cutting boring corners to get to fun for ages. So they have difficulties balancing important stuff and fun, what else is new? Oh, the excuse, right. 

There's a few more fixes and tweaks, which you can check out on Fortnite's official website .

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