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Fortnite gets Cable, Psylocke and Domino in Fortnite - X-Force mashup

Published: 16:46, 17 April 2020
Epic Games
Marvel's superheroes as depicted in Fotnite
Fortnite X-Force

Talk about a well-tailored narrative - the loudmouth ninja Deadpool is leaving The Agency, and players will even have to help him pack up his stuff. There will be no shortage of heroes in Fortnite though, as three others took his place.

So, Cable, Psylocke and Domino will be jumping in instead of Deadpool and while it's safe to say none of them can outtalk and/or outwit the man, they should be worthy additions to Fortnite. 

Epic even provided a nice little overview of the three, which should be helpful to Fortnite players who aren't fans of Marvels comics or movies. So, the Fortnite - X-Force gang are:

  • Cable, the time-displaced, battle-hardened leader of the X-Force
  • Psylocke, the telekinetically-enhanced master martial artist
  • And Domino, the elite mercenary with luck always on her side.

As for the departing hero, Epic even threw in a nice little narrative that ties in with the in-game challenges for Week 9. 

"Deadpool has decided it’s time to move out of The Agency. As his 'best friend' - at least for now - it goes without saying that it's your responsibility to help him pack. In his Week 9 Challenges, collect his unmentionables and salute his pants to unlock the X-Force style of the Deadpool Outfit", they wrote.

Epic Games Fortnite's depiction of Deadpool Fortnite, Deadpool has arrived!

Epic reminded that there's still time to complete Deadpool's earlier challenges if you haven't done so already. Unlocking Deadpool's outfit requires finding his pistols and returning them (week 7 challenges) while finding his pool floaty and taking part in his Yacht party gets you the maskless style outfit. 

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