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Fortnite adds Boom Bow and Sniper Shootout limited time mode

Published: 14:50, 02 April 2019
Epic Games
picture showing new fortnite bow
Boom Bow

Epic's latest content update for Fortnite is introducing a brand new weapon named Boom Bow and a limited time mode Sniper Shootout. The update also brings some new items to Fortnite Creative and Save the World and fixes a couple of bugs.

World's most popular battle royale shooter Fortnite has got another update, which adds a fresh batch of new content, including a new weapon and limited time mode. The added weapon is a combination of a shotgun and a bow, and it's named Boom Bow. 

The new weapon uses shotgun ammo and it fires arrows with a shotgun shell tip, which explode on impact. You can also power up the shots by holding down the fire keybind for a faster shot. However, the explosive damage should be consistent regardless of the power of the shot. The Boom Bow will achieve its maximum power after 1.6 seconds of charging. 

If your shot lands on an enemy player directly, it will cause both direct hit damage and the explosion damage upon impact. Direct hit damage scales from 18, which is the minimum to 54 which is the maximum amount of damage you can deal with the Boom Bow. Headshot multiplier is set at 4x and explosion base damage is 54. 

A pretty strong weapon that can instantly down enemy players if you're bow skill is high enough. The bow will only come in Legendary rarity.

The new limited time mode is called Sniper Shootout, and as the name suggests, players will battle only using sniper rifles in this mode. The only weapon drops are snipers and floor loot spawners are reduced by 50 per cent while reviving teammates in Down But Not Out is deactivated.

The new update also introduces a couple of additions to Fornite Creative and Save the World modes. Creators are getting a new set of Galleries including cubes, pyramids, prisms and squares.

As for the Save the World mode, Epic Games have added Cannonade Launcher, a rapid-fire, automatic launcher that shoots small explosive rounds. It will be available in the Weekly Store until 10 April 2019.

Epic Games picture showing a new weapon in fortnite save the world Cannonade Launcher

The new update also brings a lot of bug fixes and adjustments, and you can check them all out in the .

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