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Fortnite adds Shadow Bombs and new Prefabs in the latest update

Published: 11:40, 02 May 2019
Epic Games
fortnite artwork showing shadow bomb
Fortnite - Shadow Bomb

Epic Games have released another update for Fortnite, and this time, it's a minor one. The patch only adds a couple of items including Shadow Bombs and new Prefabs. On top of that, Save the World mode gets a new assault rifle named Duet.

The latest update for the world's most popular game Fortnite may not be rich with new content as some previous ones but still, there are a couple of notable additions that some players will certainly appreciate.

The biggest addition is the Shadow Bomb item which allows you to become invisible to enemies, increase your speed and give you the ability to perform double and wall jump. The effect of Shadow Bomb lasts for six seconds and while under the effects, you won't be able to attack, build or loot. 

It's an item that can certainly help you in tough situations. For example, if you find yourself cornered by a number of players you can use it to evade the combat, or even when you want to silently approach someone.

Shadow Bomb's rarity is grey or Uncommon and you can carry a maximum six of them. They can be found from Floor Loot, Chests, Supply Drops and Supply Llamas.

Save the World mode also got one notable addition. It's the new assault rifle named Duet and you can see it in the image below. It's a high damage weapon, good for sustained fire due to its large magazine capacity. Keep in mind that Duet is a limited time offer in Weekly Store and you can get it until 08 May 2019 at 8 PM ET.

And last but not least, new Prefabs and Galleries based on Fortnite Battle Royale's restaurants and diners are now available in Fortnite Creative. These include Durrr Burger Prefab, Uncle Pete’s Pizza Pit Prefab, SofDeez Ice Cream Shop Prefab and four Diner Galleries.

The update also brings a couple of bug fixes and improvements including a fix for sound effects for Jetpacks that were occasionally playing much louder than they should be.

Epic Games fortnite artwork showing duet assault rifle Fortnite- Duet

You can check the full patch notes on the .

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