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Fortnite 7.40 finally lands, lets you win free S8 Battle Pass

Published: 10:06, 14 February 2019
Updated: 10:09, 14 February 2019
Epic Games
Infantry gun, Fortnite's new weapon
Fortnite, Infantry gun

Epic may have dragged this update on a bit but Fortnite 7.40 is arriving in style with new weapon, new limited time modes and a Valentine's gift - everyone who completes free overtime challenges gets Season 8 Battle Pass for free.

It's no joke, as Fortnite 7.40 adds free overtime challenges, which not only grant free cosmetics, completing all 13 gets you a free Season 8 Battle Pass.

Current Battle Pass owners will be rewarded with slightly better gifts for completing overtime challenges, but Epic's surprise freebie should make up for it.

"With the Battle Pass, you’ll receive two Season 8 Outfits instantly and you can earn up to five more. Save your V-Bucks, this one’s on us", the company wrote.

As for Fortnite's additions, first up is the infantry rifle. It comes in common, uncommon and rare flavours, dealing 41, 43 and 45 damage, respectively. The infantry rifle has a 2x headshot multiplier, uses medium ammo and fires quick projectiles without damage falloff.

Epic rolled out a new limited time mode called Catch!, and, as the name suggests, we're looking at a gunless mode that only has throwable items. So, smoke grenades, clingers, remote explosives, Port-a-Forts, impulse grenades and shockwave grenades are all there.

Catch! has much faster circles and more frequent supply drops, with increased drop stack counts to better fuel Epic's throw-a-palooza. 

Fortnite 7.40 also brings Team Rumble LTM, which is about two teams fighting to reach 100 eliminations, where the storm is more likely to end up anywhere other than in the centre of the map.

Epic have brought back gifting for a limited time, just in time for Valentine's and you can actually send the heartspan glider to someone for free until 15 February 2019. Gifting will be in Fortnite until 22 February 2019 though.

Epic Games Three Fortnite characters in Valentine's Day cosmetics Epic Games

As promised, the 7.40 update removes X4 Stormwing's capability to crash through structures, adds zipline interaction prompts and fall damage immunity, crouching in edit mode and a bunch more rebalancing tweaks and bug fixes.

You can find the official Fortnite 7.40 patch notes .

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