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Former EA executive shares a first look at his new project

Published: 13:22, 21 February 2019
Embark Studios
picture showing a futuristic character and landscapes
Early artwork from the new game

Former DICE and EA executive Patrick Soderlund has shed some light on his new game and development studio. The game is unnamed at the moment and it's set in a distant future where players have to work together to overcome the impossible.

Patrick Soderlund left EA back in October 2018, after nearly 20 years with the company to embark on a new journey and continue making games.

Ever since he announced his departure from EA, Soderlund didn't really talk much about concrete plans or potential projects, but in his latest Medium update, Patrick finally shared details about his new game and development team named Embark Studios.

Three months since he founded Embark, more than 50 people have been hired to work on a new game in the studios' HQ, located in Stockholm. 

As everything is up and running, Soderlund thought this would be a good opportunity to finally reveal his "cooperative free-to-play action game", set in a distant future where players will have to work together to overcome "seemingly impossible odds".

That's about everything he wrote regarding the game's setting and gameplay. The locations shown in the artworks remind of Iceland's landscapes while some huge robot-like creatures and buildings can also be seen.

Soderlund said that the developers spent some time testing and trying different alternatives but ultimately settled for Epic's Unreal Engine, "augmented" by some of their own technologies.

The developers are currently exploring the engine and are making a "good headway" which can be seen in the terrain test video that Soderlund shared in his post.

The goal of the terrain test was to see how far the developers can push visual fidelity on a huge 256 square kilometres map. The video shows various locations, from snowy mountains to barren deserts, all with dynamic weather and lighting. 

While Soderlund didn't mention a potential release date, he did say that the goal is to launch the game as fast as possible and build from there if the game becomes popular. This suggests that the studio could be aiming for an early access release.

More news about the game is expected in the upcoming months and if everything goes to plan, it's possible that we get a proper reveal too.

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