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Former Battlefield devs speak out against DICE leadership

Published: 10:52, 23 November 2021
Battlefield 2042 - Dynamic weather events look stunning
Battlefield 2042 - Dynamic weather events look stunning

Former DICE employees have described unusual practices at the studio during the development of Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 2042 officially launched this month to mixed reviews, to say the least. Many players claim that the game was released way too early and it's missing key features from previous Battlefield games, while at the same time, criticising the game design, which replaced traditional classes with Specialists.

And as players are criticising DICE once again for not delivering a proper Battlefield experience, former developers who worked on previous Battlefield games have also shared their thoughts on the development process within the studio.

Old tweets from former DICE employee Johann Gerell have surfaced online, revealing interesting communication between the employees. 

Twitter Former DICE dev Johann Gerell questioned some of the design decisions in Battlefield Former DICE dev Johann Gerell questioned some of the design decisions in Battlefield

Allegedly, Gerell was asking about certain design decisions in Battlefield 1 and whether the designers actually play the game to which he got a response that such questions "might hurt the feelings" of the designers who worked on that feature. 

Gerell added that such a "head in the ground" attitude was the only thing that made him go "bonkers" at DICE

Comments from Patrick Söderlund, a former DICE CEO, who is now head of Embark Studios, have also surfaced in the wake of negative reception to Battlefield 2042. Söderlund commented that DICE playtested 128 players before and had the tech for such a large player number even during Battlefield 3 days, but ultimately, found that such modes with large player counts were not fun.

This is just another example of poor design choices by the current DICE, who introduced 128 players matches for the first time ever in Battlefield, only to receive major criticism from players regarding the balance, poor maps and other game design. 

Criticism of DICE can also be found on the studio's GlassDoor profile, where former employees frequently mention bad management and other, very serious, problems at the studio.

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