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Ubisoft reveal For Honor's Year 3 content roadmap for 2019

Published: 15:21, 19 December 2018
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For Honor

Ubisoft announced a bunch of new stuff coming in the third year of their melee action game For Honor. The Year of Harbinger will include four new heroes, one for every planned season. The content is scheduled to start on 31 January 2019.

For Honor players will be happy to hear that Ubisoft will continue to add fresh content in the third year of their melee combat title. The developer announced plans for Year 3 content which will feature four seasons and the first one will be called Vortiger. 

It kicks off on 31 January 2019 and it will include a new Knight hero as well as a new map. Unfortunately, Ubisoft didn't share any additional detail about the new stuff and we don't even have the names of the other three seasons. 

All we know is that a Samurai hero will be introduced in the second season which is coming in April or May, a Viking hero in the third, scheduled for July or August release and a Wu Lin hero will be coming in October or November which is the release date of the fourth season.

Ubisoft is, of course, offering a Year 3 Pass which will allow you to play with new Heroes one week earlier. Each Hero will be available for 15,000 Steel for those who don't want to spend additional real-world money on For Honor.

The Year 3 Pass also includes exclusive effect for all heroes and 30-day Champion Status which is a sort of premium subscription that gives players more XP and Steel. Along with that, Ubisoft also added five scavenger crates which are loot boxes containing common and premium gear items. 

For Honor's Year 3 Pass is available as a standalone purchase and it's included in the For Honor Complete Edition which also features Year 1 Pass and Year 2's Marching fire content.

Ubisoft picture showing roadmap for For honor For Honor Year 3 roadmap

After a rocky start and technical issues, it looks like Ubisoft has made a proper game out of For Honor. The publisher recently announced that the game hit the 15 million players milestone after the introduction of Marching Fire update.

The numbers are quite impressive but keep in mind that Ubisoft offered the game for free a couple of times now.

You can check Ubisoft's for more For Honor stuff.

For Honor, action-fighting title developed by Ubisoft North

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