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For Honor - Patch 1.05

Published: 11:19, 07 April 2017
For Honor

For Honor received a server update and a patch. Both updates brought a number of changes and balances to the game's heroes and game modes.

Out now on PC the patch 1.05 rolled out together with the 1.05.1 server update and made a number of balance changes. Ubisoft didn't reveal any release dates for the updates on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

One noteworthy change, right off the bat is that the Peacekeeper was nerfed so she's not the overpowered killing machine who got banned from tournament play. Peacekeeper's Zone Attack, the low risk-high reward was changed so it doesn't give a "frame advantage on block". Her light > light spam, however, remained unchanged.

Ubisoft For Honor For Honor

Game Modes

Elimination - You'll now have to wait full 20 seconds for a Boost to appear after a round starts, but the time you have to pick up the Boost has been increased from 1 to two seconds.

Skirmish - The average match length has been decreased by increasing the Hero Kill reward from 27 to 35 points and the Streak kill bonus is now 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 points. The Savior reward has seen an increase, and you can now go ahead and Avenge your team mate for a bonus 15 points, but only if you kill the killer within a ten second window.

Gear stats have seen some fixes like the Revenge Attack and Revenge Defense which now appear when in Revenge mode, instead of the normal Attack and Defense. Revenge mode also received a ton of balancing.

Some PC specific changes were also applied. Some of those changes were general and some were in relation to UI. Some of the general changes are that the World Map won't freeze anymore and the game doesn't get stuck on processing message after confirming outfit purchase.

Ubisoft For Honor For Honor


Some superior block visuals have been applied on a couple of swords. The Warden’s formerly full body feedback was traded in for a sword flash and the same has been done with the Kensei’s Dodge.


Peacekeeper wasn't the only hero changed in the update. Other heroes changed are: Warlord, Kensei, Berserker, Conqueror, Lawbringer, Nobushi, Shugoki and Valkyrie.

Read the full patch notes .

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