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Flappy Pharah is Overwatch Workshop's version of Flappy Bird

Published: 11:34, 14 May 2019
Picture of Flappy Pharah in action
Overwatch - Flappy Pharah

Flappy Bird is probably not the minigame anyone had in mind when mentioning Overwatch but the recent addition of Workshop allowed exactly that. The custom game is named Flappy Pharah and it stays in the spirit of its original inspiration.

One would think Competitive is enough to trigger just about everyone but Overwatch Workshop found new ways to make players furious while desperately trying to get a better score out of Flappy Pharah.

This custom game mode was made ThriveR and it recreates the endlessly annoying and extremely gripping mobile game faithfully.

Players take control of Pharah in a 2.5D setting where she attempts to fly between the green "tubes" and if she so much as grazes them, it's game over man, game over. The green obstacles are not exactly tubes since Overwatch lacked an appropriate asset so ThriveR used stacks of green balls instead.

These ball tubes spawn randomly, just like the obstacles in Flappy Bird and players have to keep pressing space for Pharah to propel herself a fixed distance in the air. 

Flappy Pharah will go on indefinitely, provided the player's thumb and space button on the keyboard don't break down or their concentration drops for a nanosecond which would result in hitting a green tube. Furthermore, the longer players manage to keep Pharah alive, the faster she will fly from left to right.

In case you want to give Flappy Pharah a try, you can check the entry on site or if you simply want the code, it is 4QY7N.

Blizzard Overwatch - Legendary Pharah skin Overwatch - Legendary Pharah skin

Considering Flappy Bird was one of the games responsible for a large number of smartphones breaking down under mysterious circumstances, it would be advised not to start playing Flappy Pharah while on tilt from playing regular Overwatch.

Same goes the other way around as it's possible Flappy Pharah will ultimately tilt players which means they will not do themselves any favours if they decide to play Competitive after.

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