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Fireplace Jeff Kaplan is back, likely to tease Sojourn

Published: 00:00, 24 December 2019
Jeff Kaplan putting Lego Junkertown together in front of a fireplace
Jeff Kaplan putting Lego Junkertown together in front of a fireplace

Overwatch's Jeff Kaplan is keeping the tradition alive by sitting in front of a fireplace and being an almost inanimate object but some activities happen from time to time during the stream. A big announcement, such as the 32nd hero is suspected.

Blizzard's tradition of keeping the fans' eyes peeled on Jeff Kaplan in front of a fireplace is continuing with the holiday season in 2019. It initially started in 2017 where Uncle Jeff had a solo outing but more staff joined in during the 2018 episode.

However, it is solo Jeff again in 2019, with the occasional cameos of some other people and activities. For example, several voice actors from Overwatch popped up on a make-believe video shown on Jeff's tablets along with an influencer or two. There was a long period of inanimate Jeff after that until he decided to give a shout out to Boba milk tea.

Jeff's activities continued late into the European midnight and later, when he opened a present that contained a Lego Junkertown which he then proceeded to put together at a not so brisk pace.

Given the hours in Europe, we had to cut the following of the stream at that point but it is fully expected there will be a major announcement, especially because the most recent hero, Sigma, was released more than five months ago, in late July 2019.

Since Echo is unlikely to be the 32nd hero, it is most likely Sojourn's turn to join the fray which could also provide a lore bridge towards Overwatch 2.

Blizzard Overwatch 2 Overwatch 2's haircuts are the one thing we're not looking forward to

Then again, it is unknown when exactly the news might pop up since the previous holiday special streams could last more than 10 hours on end. Furthermore, it's unlikely we will see a full reveal at the end but a teaser is definitely not out of the realm of possibility. If you are curious, you can follow Jeff's stream on the official .

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